Speed read free books

Welcome to my speed reading area

For those that understand what speed reading is, just skip to our selection of public domain books that you can speed read on this website for free public domain books.

Right for the rest of you, you can either use the video where I describe speed reading in detail, or just go with the idea that a normal reader of literature reads between 150 and 250 words per minute. Speed readers can read in excess of 250 words using a couple of simple techniques and real masters can read in excess of 1000 words per minute.

Nonsense I hear some of you say. You won`t remember it all. You won`t understand the story. Well, I am a speed reader and I can say that I choose the speed I want to read at to increase my understanding if I wish but I`m just as likely to read quicker to get the story without needing to worry about the odd "the" "so" "if" and other mostly unrequired words. I`m not saying I ignore them, but stories flow quick and you wont remember any words later on anyway even if you read slowly.

This website uses a very simple form of speed reading. It tries to limit eye movement and places the words at the same spot on the screen. This simple act means you don`t have to jump to every word on the page which on its own increases your reading speed.

Another factor in speed reading is you don`t worry if you missed a word. How many times have you gone back over a section you just read because you think you missed a super crucial word. Well, trust me, it wasn`t that important. Speed readers learn to ignore going over what was missed as the story usually reforms itself in the upcoming sentences.

Now, we can get right into the action. We are going to do this is steps. First and example of reading one word at a time in the same spot. We`ll start at around 150 words per minute.

We are now going to ramp up the speed. If you feel like you are not able to keep up with the words, its okay as we are trying to train ourselves to do this, and we are also trying to do something that feels a little alien.

So, that was a little harder. Well, we can do something else. We can increase the number of words displayed each time and use our peripheral vision to read the whole group of words. Do not look at each word individually. Just aim for the centre word, and let your brain decipher the rest. Trust me, its easier than it sounds.

I have also added a feature where the words fade out before the new words are shown, some might like it, some might not. Its a purely personal experience, but here is an example in action.

Well, thats most of the different ways to use this speedreader. The only thing let to do is have a read of a book or 2. I don't have the latest blockbuster. I have classics that are in the public domain. Frankenstein, Alice in Wonderland etc... They are seperated into chapters, and you just use the drop down menu next to each book title to load that chapter and then start reading. You can change all manner of parameters from number of words shown, to words per minute etc... Have fun!